Shortbread Snowballs

Shortbread snowballs 1320 x 880 300x200 Shortbread Snowballs

Tasty wee cookies with ground pecans and a dusting of icing sugar, perfect with a hot cup of black tea.


Makes 64 snowballs but I halved this recipe (1 cup butter, 1/2 sugar, etc.) finding 32 snowballs was sufficient.


2 cups butter, softened

1 cup sugar

4 cups flour, sifted

1 1/3 cups pecans, chopped fine

Icing sugar

Make and Bake

Preheat oven to 350 F

Beat butter until creamy. Add sugar and beat until blended. Add sifted flour slowly on low speed, scraping down sides of bowl often.

Chop pecans until very fine (like breadcrumbs) and add to dough.

The dough will be crumbly, but will go together as you shape it into 3/4″ balls.

Place at least 1″ apart on ungreased cookie sheets.

Cook for approximately 20 minutes, until edges are brown.

Remove warm cookies from pan and roll gently in the icing sugar.

When cool, place in cookie tin, separating layers with wax paper.