These are a some of the testimonials I have received for my loose teas. Everyone says the tea tastes so fresh and is full of flavour. They always come back for more!

“OMG, the Morning Sunshine is so great! I loved the sample so much, I want to buy more.” Dave P., Victoria

“I really liked the Shanghai Lichee Jasmine green tea. The lichee gives it a great flavour.” Serena S., Victoria 

“I loved the Chocolate Mint – it was so yummy!” Sarah D., Victoria

“I had the chocolate orange tea today awesome!” from Claudia C., Ontario

“I loved the teas I got at the craft fair over the holidays and would love to purchase some more!” Maddi M., Victoria

“My boyfriend loved the Lavender Butterfly tea! I couldn’t wait to try the Morning Sunshine and it was so great. You were so right that we would like them.” Karen M., Victoria

“My parcel got here this morning that was quick and everything looks lovely and smells great I think I just will have to open mine and have a taste. Thanks again.” Lorrie D., Ontario

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